Sales Representative

I had the privilege of working with Maria for seven years at Merion Matters. She was my first manager when I began working there, and I could not have been more fortunate to have her. Maria had been put in charge of managing a (then) fairly new sales team, in addition to already managing the events department. It was a lot of extra responsibility, but Maria handled it impeccably, as she could always be counted on to handle anything. Thanks to her expertise in public relations and marketing, Maria was a key contributor in growing the sales team into one of the most profitable in the company.

Skill and dedication are not the only things that make an exceptional manager. Maria possesses a quality that sets her apart from the rest. What has remained with me throughout my career is her genuine kindness. Maria will support her team through anything and approach every situation with fairness. She has the perfect balance of strength, professionalism, and approachability. Having the assurance that I could go to her with any issue gave me the confidence I needed to succeed, and I know that the other team members would concur. I can personally thank her for guiding me to recognizing the potential I was unaware I had. That is an invaluable gift for which I will be forever grateful.

Maria would be a strong asset for any public relations, event planning, or marketing position requiring effective communication skills, consultative marketing expertise, and team leadership ability, and I recommend her without hesitation to any organization.