Data/List Manager

I had the privilege of working with Maria throughout my time at Merion Matters, and I reported directly to her for three years while she was the Vice President & Director of Marketing. Maria guided nearly every aspect of business operations, including crafting the company’s corporate culture and vision, shaping its marketing strategy, and inspiring dedication, hard work, and loyalty in her direct reports and everyone with whom she worked.

While I reported to her, I learned a great deal by observing how Maria dealt with conflicts and brought people together to improve business processes and deliver solutions. She excels at building and communicating, she’s empowering and supportive, and she’s a terrific leader. Maria has a gift for bringing out the best in those around her, which makes her shine all the more when combined with her individual skills and extensive experience. She would be a valuable leader and inspiring presence for any organization, particularly one looking to create a new team or department with an ambitious vision.