I highly recommend Maria Senior as a candidate for employment. Maria is employed by Merion Matters – Parent Company of ADVANCE Healthcare Network as a Corporate Vice President. Maria was responsible for Marketing (Media & E-commerce), PR, Communications, Events and Sales Management.

Maria has excellent communication and leadership skills and has extensive experience interacting with high level executives both within Merion Matters and client companies. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate. She is flexible and willing to work on any project/area that is assigned to her and will eagerly add more to her plate and create new initiatives where she sees a need within the company. Maria was quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of company operations, as well.

Maria would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Program Manager – JR Global Inc.

I had the privilege of working with Maria throughout my time at Merion Matters, and I reported directly to her for three years while she was the Vice President & Director of Marketing. Maria guided nearly every aspect of business operations, including crafting the company’s corporate culture and vision, shaping its marketing strategy, and inspiring dedication, hard work, and loyalty in her direct reports and everyone with whom she worked.

While I reported to her, I learned a great deal by observing how Maria dealt with conflicts and brought people together to improve business processes and deliver solutions. She excels at building and communicating, she’s empowering and supportive, and she’s a terrific leader. Maria has a gift for bringing out the best in those around her, which makes her shine all the more when combined with her individual skills and extensive experience. She would be a valuable leader and inspiring presence for any organization, particularly one looking to create a new team or department with an ambitious vision.

Data/List Manager

As a strong and fair manager, Maria always exemplified great work ethic, positive attitude and fun in team work. She was easy to work with and she always encouraged challenges and growth being supportive and providing directions.

In addition to her professionalism, Maria was kind, understanding and always invested in her team members as people making them feel valued as more than just employees.

I was thankful for the 4 years I had working with Maria learning so much from her as she developed me into management. She is truly an asset to any team or company out there.

Events Manager

It’s not often you come across someone as uniquely talented as Maria – she possesses a rare combination of technical ability and creativity, balanced by her superb leadership skills and effective problem solving. Maria is a highly effective communicator with a very strong work ethic, and always goes the extra mile to ensure the success of her team. She would be an asset to any organization and I would definitely recommend her.

Global Marketing Manager

I had the pleasure to work with Maria as part of an ERP/CRM implementation and company-wide process improvement initiative. As a result of these business initiatives, Maria was selected to be a member of the project management office as she is a highly effective communicator with a very strong work ethic. She had the vision and passion needed to bring the company through such a major business transformation. Maria quickly came up to speed on all of the new technical platforms with only minimal training, and earned a reputation as a skilled process improvement expert. Maria is an experienced professional and offers a combination of creativity, leadership and effective problem solving skills.

IT Implementation Manager

I had the privilege of working with Maria for seven years at Merion Matters. She was my first manager when I began working there, and I could not have been more fortunate to have her. Maria had been put in charge of managing a (then) fairly new sales team, in addition to already managing the events department. It was a lot of extra responsibility, but Maria handled it impeccably, as she could always be counted on to handle anything. Thanks to her expertise in public relations and marketing, Maria was a key contributor in growing the sales team into one of the most profitable in the company.

Skill and dedication are not the only things that make an exceptional manager. Maria possesses a quality that sets her apart from the rest. What has remained with me throughout my career is her genuine kindness. Maria will support her team through anything and approach every situation with fairness. She has the perfect balance of strength, professionalism, and approachability. Having the assurance that I could go to her with any issue gave me the confidence I needed to succeed, and I know that the other team members would concur. I can personally thank her for guiding me to recognizing the potential I was unaware I had. That is an invaluable gift for which I will be forever grateful.

Maria would be a strong asset for any public relations, event planning, or marketing position requiring effective communication skills, consultative marketing expertise, and team leadership ability, and I recommend her without hesitation to any organization.

Sales Representative

I directly reported to Maria during my 2 years at Merion Matters, she was the Vice President & Director of Marketing, while I was their Senior SEO/SEM specialist. Maria is an extremely hard working individual that was able to take on many new responsibilities that were critical to the business’s growth. She was able to handle both the day to day management of Marketing team while also communicating big picture strategy to the directors and owners of the company. She is knowledgeable about both marketing and managing and can effectively utilize employees talents to run successful marketing campaigns while helping them to grow in their careers. She is a great boss and I will miss working for her.

SEO Manager

Over the 3+ years that I worked with Maria Senior there were 3 things that were always apparent. She had a deep passion and commitment for doing her job successfully in a changing environment and driving results. Her staff and superiors knew they could count on her to support them and consultatively challenge them to do better. Finally, that she would always go above and beyond to make sure things were not just done, but done right. It was a pleasure and a learning experience to work with her and she will be an asset to anyone she works for.

Sales Manager

Maria is a hard working leader who breaks down barriers. As Vice President of our company, she worked tirelessly to increase the synergy between the various departments. As our company went through various structure changes, Maria made the transitions seamless. She worked with each department and addressed obstacles and sticking points to increase production throughout the company. As Marketing Director, Maria was insightful and decisive. She put together strategies and campaigns to bring in leads and close sales. Maria is a problem solver a great leader. I would gladly recommend her or work for her again in a heartbeat.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

I had the pleasure of working with Maria from my very first day at Merion, and she couldn’t have been any more helpful, loyal, and supportive of me. Maria has developed a skill set that spans many areas of business: sales, marketing, and operations. Her attention to detail, unmatched work ethic, and creativity really set her apart from anyone I have ever worked with. Any company woold and lucky to have her.

Director of Sales Administration