Work Samples

Included in this section are various work related projects, reports, spreadsheets, or sales and marketing collateral materials that I have impacted over time. Many of the concepts were started and/or completely generated by me, while others were art/copy directed, written by me, or in some way revised and improved during my tenure. My hope is that they provide a sense of my marketing personality, the scope of my abilities, insight into my general thought processes and are evident of my attention to detail.

Writing Samples

ADVANCE for Nursing Launch Intro Letter

Sales Rep Email

Holistic approach email – recruitment sales

BBB response 1_31_17

BBB response 1_17_17

Thank you for working with Advance

Limerick Elementary School Brochure Final

Sydication RFP

Syndication Contract

2004 Job Fair Prospectus

Sales, Data Analysis and Market Research

Competitive Plan of Action – Created by Me

Email Automation_ROI Cost justification – Created by Me

Marketing Department Workflow_2016 – Created by Me

Plan of Action/Timeline to Target Florida – includes Response – Created by Me

Plan of Attack for New England Job Fair Territory – Created by Me

Nurses Distribution & Revenue by State – Created by Me

State Associations/Meetings Spreadsheet by Market

Marketing E-blast Frequency Schedule – Created by Me

Daily Sales Booked Business Daily Report

Datamart Value Estimates – Created by Me

Commission Schedule – Business Development – Created by Me

Sales Manager – Commission Plan – Created by Me

Pipeline for Sales – Created by Me

Advance Healthcare Education Directory From Inception to Launch

ADVANCE Healthcare Education Directory Proposed Packages – Created by Me

Education Directory Flyer – Copy/Art Directed by me

Education Directory Package Flyer – Copy/Art Directed by me

Advance Events (Job Fairs, Virtual Events, Webinars)  

Job Fair Request Form – Created by Me

2004 Job Fair Prospectus – Written/Art Directed by Me

Job Fair Booth Application_Insert – Written/Art Directed by Me


2016 Job Fair Prospectus for NYC

Job Fair_Direct Mail Sales Brochure

Job Fair Printed Mailer_Client Sponsored

2014 National Job Fair Print Ad

Event Sales Revenue Log – NYC Job Fair

Virtual Event Product Line

exhibitor_booth (2)

Client Packages/options for Conference Platform – Created by Me

Virtual Open House Promotional Flyer

Online Recruiting Event Testimonial Flyer – Written by Me

Virtul Open House_Upgrades – Written by Me

Virtual Product Tracking Report – Demonstrates Revenue

Virtaul Open House_Packages_Flier – Written by Me

Example of a medium rectangle web ad:

2014 National Job Fair Medium Rectangle Online Ad

Syndicated Content Product Line from Inception to Launch

Content for Syndication Website – Created by Me

Syndication Press Release for PT Conference – Created by Me

ADVANCE Syndication Brochure – Written/Art Directed by Me

ADVANCE News Service Cheat Sheet – Created by Me

What are the Benefits to Content Syndication on your site

State Website Expansion

Marketing Plan – State Website Expansion – Created by Me

CA_Overview_Launch Flier

Processes and checklists

Webinar Checklist

Job Fair Checklist – Created by Me

Conference Checklist – Created by Me

Promotional Materials Request Form – Created by Me

Social Media/SEO/SEM

Social_Media_Opportunities Sales Flier

Social Media Stats

Social Media Presentation – Created by Me

Social Networking Report Document – Create by Me

Social Media Report for owner 7-30-13 – Created by Me

Social Media Report for owner 8-30-13 – Created by Me

Advance Web Media SEO Checklist

SEO Changes

SEO Test Questions

The Basics of Keyword Research for Preexisting Pages

Media Launches and Sales Collateral

2017_Digital Footprint Packages – Written/Art Directed by Me

Digital Footprint Email – Written/Art Directed by Me

Publication Launch HSM_Publishers Statement – Created by Me

Publication Launch HSM_Media Kit_Product Sales

HSM_Relaunch Print Ad and Email

Job_Board_General Posting Rates Flier – Art Direction

Job_Board_Buzz Sales Flier – Art Direction


Radiology Life Press Release – Copy Direction

Nurses Week 2016 Rate Flier

National Nurses Sales Brochure – Art Direction

Event Healthcare Shop Sales & E-commerce

Picture 119

Nurses Catalog Spread for Print

Custom Promotions Flier

Affiliate Sales Shop Letter

Healthcare Shop Media Kit

Shop SEO To-Do List

Shop Feedback Form – Live Events – Created by Me

Ad snippets for E-commerce shop

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Patient Acquisition Launch

Patient Acquisition New Product Ideas

Web/Virtual/Email Screen Shots


Email Samples

Sample ads